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The Process

The Shoulder Paving Machine operator commences work under the authority and control of the local Traffic Controller.

When the Shoulder Paver is moved into position to commence work the Paver is set to provide an even layer of quarry aggregate at a specified width and slope on the shoulder of the road.

This layer is then compacted and graded to the correct slope and level. As the quarry aggregate density and moisture content can fluctuate continual communication with the road shoulder finishing crew needs to be maintained.

To ensure minimal material wastage and that the shoulder is compacted to near final levels continual liaison with the finishing crew is required and adjustments made to the Shoulder Paving settings as required.

The Shoulder Paving Machine Operator also directs the aggregate trucks tipping of material into the bucket of the Shoulder Paver by means of two-way radio.

The Shoulder Paving Machine pushes the Truck along the road until the truck is empty and the truck is then sent to refill for the next section.